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About Us

We are a Corporate Travel Accommodation provider with global network. We are committed to provide better accommodation solutions that will lead to higher savings for your business. We aim at turning your travel expenses into travel savings. To do this, we provide our clients with a range of products and services which we tailor to fit their requirements.

Headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, Corporate Nest was launched to meet requirements for day-to-day business travelers from overseas. We take great pride in our heritage: from the origins of our business in 2007, through to the worldwide network you see today. Corporate Nest has a core servicing culture which is totally focused on the needs of its clients.

We say this with confidence because of the team who make Corporate Nest.

Corporate Nest staff are exceptional. They have the talent and skills, experience and passion for serving our clients. They build relationships that go beyond mutual respect and trust. They find the answers to questions and anticipate what's needed – without clients having to ask.

When it comes to a question of business travel, Corporate Nest Team makes the difference, and it means, CN has the answer.